Local artist & designer - Cecelia Kumeroa, was commissioned to create the #arohalocal logo series for Mainstreet Whanganui.

This concept is to visually identify the re-energising of business within the town centre & will lead our strategy into the years to come.

The design of the #arohalocal logo is comprised of Māori design elements relating to customary wood-carving of the Whanganui region.

The main design around the edge of the heart is an abstract form of the carved ridge pattern known as 'taura'- symbolising 'unity'. At the bottom of the heart is a diamond shape - recalling the patiki (flounder), which is used to represent abundance.

Partly inspired from the old Post Office - now 'Orange Cafe'.


There is another version of the design with background diamonds & triangles. Again the diamond shape is abundance. The triangular shapes are abstractions of niho-taniwha symbolising tenacity & determination. 


Symbolised in the design; love, unity, abundance, tenacity & determination

The Mainstreet Whanganui #arohalocal campaign that was launched last month to shine a light on supporting our local businesses & in turn our community. We  asked Mainstreet Staff & Board members to tell us what #arohalocal means to them & how Covid19 pandemic impacted on their lives.
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